Roll Call 2015

Roll Call returns this March to the Capitol Polo Club in Poolesville, MD ( just outside of Washington DC). The tournament will be a great opportunity for taking stock of your squad’s strength, and play another USAU sanctioned event before heading into Series. The field will be composed of 48 college open, 24 college women’s, 20 high school open, and 16 high school women’s teams. Spots will be given on a first come, first served basis so sign your team up today! 

The Details

When: March 28-29, 2015
Where: Capitol Polo Complex – Poolesville, MD
Teams: 48 College Open, 24 College Women, 20 High School Open, 16 High School Women.
Cost: $350.00 per team, or $650 for an A/B team of the same gender for college. $300 for all high school teams.
Bids: Filled on a rolling admission based on strength of program and geographic diversity. See the bid section for details.

  • USAU sanctioned event
  • Guaranteed 6 games
  • Trainer on site
  • Tons of field food
  • Hotel discounts
  • Roll Call Discs
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